Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments are a demi-permanent way to control texture and frizz. As a Specialist, Jordana uses several different treatments, because each works its magic in different ways, depending on your hair texture. Lifestyle, desired results, and even hair color also play a role in determining which keratin treatment is best for you. Trust in Jordana’s in-depth consultation and well-rounded experience to help you achieve your dream hair!

Pregnant or nursing? Congratulations! She also has a treatment that is safe during this time, Pure Brazilian Clear. It does work differently than other treatments and gives a milder result, so you may want to book a consultation to discuss what you can expect from a Pure Brazilian Clear Treatment.

Meet “Jeff”!  Nicknamed after the President of Aerovex Systems, this powerhouse is their Chemical Source Capture System with Healthy Air technology, designed specifically for use with hair treatments that produce fumes, including formaldehye. Jeff is the main component of Aerovex’s Three-Zone Protection, including Healthy Air™ carbon and HEPA filters; Jordana also uses their Room Air Purifier, and has exhaust built into the ceiling to continually draw air out of her suite.

Some salons use simple fans, ionizers or air purifiers, but they may not be rated to properly cleanse the air for treatments such as these. While beautiful hair is a priority in Jordana’s chair, so are health and safety.